Mission Statement

CERT Tonga’s vision and mission statement are defined in CERT Tonga’s Term of Reference as approved by His Majesty’s Cabinet Decision No.722 of July 2016 which mandates CERT Tonga to coordinate and collaborate amongst stakeholders to prevent through public awareness, detect and manage cyber threats in the Kingdom of Tonga.

The outputs and operation are reviewed annually as part of the planning process of the Government.

A brief summary of the goals of CERT Tonga:

CERT Tonga operates under the Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Communications and Climate Change (MEIDECC) and the National Computer Emergency Response for the Kingdom of Tonga. Working with international, domestic, public and private parties, acting within their statutory scope, collect information, knowledge and expertise to help improve understanding of developments, threats, and trends and help parties prevent and deal with incidents and make decisions in crisis.

The main task include:

Provide proactive activities to prevent ICT- related incidents and reduce the likelihood of one taking place through awareness, training, issue advisories and security bulletin to the constituents. Coordinate in case of ICT- related incidents such as computer malware, compromise and vulnerabilities in applications and hardware. From time to time, CERT Tonga also provides digital forensic and advice services to Tonga Police and other stakeholders. Please refer to our services page for more details.